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      What is thatbagiwant?

      Instead of spending thousands of dollars on buying designer handbags, at thatbagiwant, you can rent authentic designer handbags at a fraction of the cost. Bags are delivered right to your doorstep and you can keep them as long as you want if you maintain your account well. When you are finished with the bag, we will be back at your doorstep to collect it from you. Hassle free!

      How do I get started?

      Bags are rented on weekly based and members can keep the item for as long as 12 weeks provided the account is well maintained. 

      How do I become a member then?

      Registration is free. You become a member of thatbagiwant the moment you register with us. Members are notified on releases of new handbags and promotions.

      Are your handbags really designer originals?

      We carry ONLY AUTHENTIC designer handbags. To ensure our items are 100% authentic, our bags are purchased only from boutiques and reputable resellers.

      Are the designer handbags new or used?

      The handbags are mostly brand new when we purchased them.  However, as the handbags are subjected to rental, you may or may not receive a brand new handbag. Nevertheless, we believe in maintaining the highest standards for our bags and we will never deliver a handbag that does not meet these exacting standards. All handbags are quality controlled and hand inspected to ensure your complete satisfaction.

      What are the payment options?

      All transactions can be made using credit and debit cards. Paynow can only be used to make 1-time purchases and the funds transfer must be completed within 1 hour for order to be confirmed. 

      What happens when an item is currently rented out?

      When an item is currently rented out and you would like to be notified when it is back in stock, simply submit the Back In Stock Notification Form on the menu bar.

      How long can I rent a handbag?

      As long as you maintain your account well, you can keep it for up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

      Can I rent more than one handbag at a time?

      Regular members can check out up to a maximum of 3 handbags or accessories at any one time. 

      How about delivery costs and other hidden costs?

      At thatbagiwant, delivery costs are absorbed into the rentals. We strongly believe in the “price you see is the price you pay” concept. No hidden costs whatsoever!

      When does rental start and end?

      Rental period does not start until the item is delivered to you. If you rent a bag for a week and receive it on say Monday, the collection date will be the following Monday. As an added convenience, we send all customers a reminder email and/or SMS notifying them of their return date 1 working day before the item is due.

      How long will it take to receive my bag after ordering?

      Delivery time can be as short as 4 hours from the time the order is made depending on the timing of the order and the availability of our courier team. For same day delivery, orders must reach us by 10am in the morning.

      How do I return the bag?

      On the menu bar, click "Return Arrangement". Submit Collection Request Form, indicating your preferred date, time and collection location and we will be there at your doorsteps to collect the bag from you. Hassle free.

      How do you work out the rentals?

      Each bag is valued individually based on its demand, requisition price and condition. Rentals are worked out based on valuation price and estimated shelf life.

      What if I lose the handbag/accessory or it becomes dirty or damaged?

      If any of these unfortunate things happen, the first thing you should do is to call our customer service team immediately.

      • Lost 
        • If the rented item is lost, you will be charged a replacement fee, which can vary depending on the handbag in question. See below for replacement fees.
      • Dirtied/Damaged
        • If handbags or accessories are dirtied or damaged, we will ask you to return the bag to us as soon as possible so that we can assess the extent of the damage. When making our assessment, we will take into account the length of time for which you had the handbag or accessory, and normal wear and tear that commensurate with that length of usage. If damage beyond normal wear and tear has been suffered by the handbag such that the bag becomes incapable of being repaired or restored to its original condition, you will be charged a replacement fee. If we determine that the damaged handbag is capable of being repaired or restored to its original condition, you will, in our discretion, be charged a lesser amount instead of the applicable replacement fee for that handbag. 
      • Replacement Fees
        • Each handbag or accessory is valued individually based on its demand, purchase price and condition. This valuation price is the replacement fee of the handbag. 

      What if I can’t bear to part with a bag?

      At thatbagiwant, bags can be purchased based on our valuation price. However we may at times disallow the sale of a particular bag due to its availability and popularity. Just email us at and we will revert with the decision and quotation.

      What is RTO?

      RTO, Rent-To-Own, allows members to own designer handbags and accessories on an own-as-you-rent basis. Any item that is qualified under the RTO is given a RTO factor. Essentially this factor shows the number of weeks the handbag or accessories could be owned by any member if it is rented without any break in rental period. For instance, if a RTO handbag has a RTO factor of 20 weeks, this means that member can own the handbag if it is rented continuously for 20 weeks, at NO EXTRA COST.

      What is BuyBack Guarantee?

      How many times have you purchased an expensive designer handbag and regretted the decision after using it for only a few times? A change of mind does not have to be expensive. With BuyBack Guarantee, thatbagiwant will buy back the handbag for up to 95% of the Purchase Price should you change your mind.

      How does BuyBack Guarantee works?

      When an item is purchased with a BuyBack Guarantee, member can exercise an option for thatbagiwant to buy back the item within a month from the delivery date.

      Who decides the BuyBack price?

      In actual fact, the member decides the BuyBack price. The earlier the item is returned, the higher the BuyBack Price. Hence the collection date for the item determines the BuyBack Price for the item.

      How much is the BuyBack price if the item is returned within 1 week of purchase?

      When the option to return the item is exercised within 1 week of delivery, the BuyBack price is equivalent to Purchase Price less 1 week rental. This means that we simply take it that the member has rented the item for 1 week, deduct the weekly rental from the Purchase Price and return the remaining funds to the member.

      What is the BuyBack Price if the item is returned within 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks?

      If item is returned within 2 weeks of delivery, BuyBack Price is Purchase Price less 2 weeks rental. If item is returned within 3 weeks of delivery, BuyBack Price is Purchase Price less 3 weeks rental. If item is returned within 4 weeks of delivery, BuyBack Price is Purchase Price less 4 weeks rental.

      How many weeks before Buyback option expires?

      The BuyBack Option will expire 4 weeks after the delivery of the item.

      How is the BuyBack done?

      Once the Buyback price is decided, thatbagiwant buy back the item by refunding the payment to the debit or credit card that was used by the member to make the purchase transaction.

      How do I make arrangement to return the item if I wish thatbagiwant to buy back the item?

      On the website, click "Return Arrangement". Submit Collection Request Form, indicating your preferred date, time and collection location and we will be there at your doorsteps to collect the bag from you. 

      What are Baggies points?

      Baggies is a point system in which members redeem them to rent or purchase products at thatbagiwant. Baggies will expire 3 years from the date of purchase or date where it is given by thatbagiwant as promotion points. 

      Can I redeem my Baggies points for cash?

      Baggies are not redeemable for cash. You can only use them to make rentals.

      What are the procedures if I would like to send in my handbags for cleaning?

      On the menu bar, click “Bag Care”. Submit "Handbag Information Form" with handbag information and your preferred date, time and collection address. Price range from $70 to $100, depending on the size of bag. Delivery and collection is free. 

      What is your refund policy?

      Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management.

      If our answers to your query is not covered under this set of FAQ, please contact us.

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